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                                                              The DarkMoon Circus!
The head boss, Queen Neheliania, wanted revenge on Earth. She also wanted to be beautiful forever and descovered dream mirrors could make her that way. Zirconia worked for her. First the Amazon Trio, TigerEye, HaukEye and FishEye worked for him. Their mission was to find the golden dream mirror so that they could find Pegasus and get the golden crystal. The Amazon Trio were made by the Amazon Quatet. Their real form a fish, hauk, and tiger. In the end they find the Golden Dream Mirror, but the Amazon Quatet send someone to kills them. Fish eye teleports Rini, who turns into Sailor Mini Moon and calls Pegasus. Pegasus turns them good and makes them real people. The Amazon Quatet work for Zirconia next. Theese four girls CereCere, VesVes, JuneJune, and ParaPara were once good, turned bad, then turned good again. In the very end they find the Golden Mirror but help Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts defeat Queen Neheliania. Queen Nehelianaia never dies but goes back in her dream Mirror to remain beautiful. She takes Sailor Mini Moon back with her and Sailor Moon fallows. She throws Mini Moon over and Sailor Moon jumps over to save her. Pegasus then gives them wings and they both end up alive. As for Zirconia, Queen Nehelianaia kills him.