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                                                                  Death Busters!
The Death Busters are made up of Professor Tomoe, Kaorinight, the witches 5, and later Mistress9. Professor Tomoe was really a good guy but when a lad experiment exploded and killed his only daughter Hotaru, he made a deal with Phobos90 to get her back. That was when he became evil. His assistant, Kaorinight, worked for him first. Her mission was to find three people who had pure hearts. She was destroyed when the Sailor Scouts used their planet power to destroy her force field and Sailor Uranus used her World Shaking. Professor Tomoe brought her back to life later on in the series but she was destroyed yet again by Hotaru/Mistress9. After Kaorinight was destroyed the first time the Witches five were hired to work for Dr. Tomoe. Eudial was the first of the witched five. Like all the witched 5 her mission was to find three pure hearts. She found the three pure hearts but before she could give the talismans to Professor Tomoe Sailor Moon attacked her with her new attack. Eudial fell out of the building and without brakes she drove off a cliff and killed herself. Mimete was next. She was never able to gather any energy. (After the talismens were found the new mission was to gather heart crystals and use them as energy for Mistress9) and Tellu killed her. Tellu lasted only one episode. Her plan was a really good one and she collected lots of hearts but when she was destoryed they all went back to their original owners. Her plan backfired on her and she died. Viluy also only lasted one episode as well. Her plan had been to gather all the students and smart kids of Muken High and have them take a test by computer. The computers then would take heart crystals. She was destroyed by the Sailor Scouts tough. The twins were last, counted as only one witch and also only lasted one episode. Cyprine and Ptitol were an extremely powerful team and if the Sailor Scouts hadn't turned them against each other who knows what would've happened. Anyway, in the end Phobos90 was destroyed (By Sailor Saturn) and Hotaru and Proessor Tomoe became good again.