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                                                         The NegaMoon Family!
The NegaMoon Family is a large family who wanted to get revenge on Earth. First there are the four sisters who were good, got turned evil and then became good again. There's Catsy, Birdy, Avery, and Prisma. Their boss was Rubius, an evil person who died trying to kill the Sailor Scouts. Emerald was next, with the annoying laugh, and died by falling for Wise Man's trick. Sapphire, Prince Diamond's brother, was next and died because he discovered Wise Man really was evil. Prince Diamond was boss for Emerald, Rubius and Sapphire. He died because Wise Man killed him. Wise man was just a plain evil person who wanted to destroy Earth. He had great power such as making Rini think she wasn't loved and was able to turn her evil. In the end everyone except the four sisters died and Rini became good again and helped Sailor Moon defeat Wise Man.