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                                                                The Negaverse!
Back during the times of the Silver Millennium, an evil force took over Earth and turned the Moon Kingdom's most precious allies against then. The Prince's own generals went against him, including a little pleasant girl who adored her planets' Prince. Seeing this girls envy and jelousy when the prince of earth and the princess of the moon where together, an evil force took over the girl's body possessing her to attack the man she loved and kill him. The Dark Kingdom started to appear again when Sailor V was catching her criminals, and knew that she had to find the other scout's, before it was too late. Queen Beryl is in charge of the Negaverse. Her generals are Jedite, his mission to collect energy to free the negaverse, Nephlight, his mission to collect energy and later to find the Imperium Silver Crystal, Zozite, her mission to find and bring the seven rainbow crystals to Queen Beryl, and Malachite, his mission to get the Imperium Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. Jedite and Zozite were both killed by Queen Beryl, Nephlight was killed by Zozite's monsters, and Malachite was killed by Sailor Moon. Queen Beryl was destroyed by Sailor Moon. Later on Ann and Alan, the two aliens, came to Earth to collect energy for The Doom Tree. They became good thanks to Sailor Moon and started a new life on another planet.