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It all started a long time ago, and never really finished. Galaxia was the Sailor Scout of the Galaxy, one of the most powerful scouts in the entire Galaxy. The other scouts looked up to her, because her power was unmatched, until Chaos arrived. Chaos was an evil being, who threatened the very existence of all people. The scouts of hundreds of worlds fought Chaos, but all were defeated. None could stand against the unstoppable force. Galaxia, with her sword of justice, stood up against Chaos, supported by her fellow Scouts. She watched as they fell, and knew what she had to do. She jammed her sword into Chaos' heart, and absorbed it's power. She felt it surging throughout her body, as her pure soul locked down Choas. With every breath after that, a part of her soul was given up to Chaos. She felt it rising through her body. No one knew where Chaos had gone, but the main thing was, it was gone. Worlds were rebuilt,  Scouts were rebuilt and things went back to normal. But with time, Galaxia begain to give in to the force of Chaos. As her soul fell to darkness, she let her Star Seed, the essence of her goodness, go out into space, where it couldn't be touched by Chaos. Galaxia told the star seed to find the brightest star seed in the Galaxy and protect it. And so, Galaxia fell to Chaos, and became possesed. Suddenly, the Galaxy seemed to be in her grasp. With new strength, she began her conquest. The only way to take over the Galaxy was to take every Sailor Scouts's Star Seed. Once our savior, she was now our most deadly enemy. Worlds fell to her unstoppable force. You either had to die, or work for her. Some Scouts gave in to the promise of ultimate power, and became Galaxia's servants. As she swept the Galaxy, she came to the world that was home to a powerful warrior. Princess Kakyuu fled the planet, fearing for her life, followed by three warriors of the planet (the Starlights). They led Galaxia to the final battleground, Earth. As Galaxia's followers, the Animamates, tried to find the elusive Princess, a more urgent matter of the scout of the System became apparent. The Animamates fell to Galaxia as they became less usefull to her. Galaxia needed the Princess' star seed before she could begin her conquest. In a complex trap, the Princess was found, and killed. Her star seed taken from her body, the conquest of Earth began. Black lightning forked from the sky, as the battle began.